Welcome to Gun Fu. It's More Than Just Training... It's A Lifestyle.

About Gun Fu

Our Mission


Gun Fu. Providing a unique approach to firearms training. Training to fit your time. Your schedule. Your lifestyle. 

Dedicated and Focused Instructors


Bridging the gap between theory and practice, our team of experienced instructors are trained and certified in a variety of current teaching methods devoted to your success. 

Diverse Course Offerings


GUN-FUndamentals, NRA courses, and various other curriculum's that fit your interests, needs, and lifestyle.


Multi-State Concealed Carry Certification (CCW Permit)


Quality.  Factual.  Realistic. 

This concealed carry class includes qualifying firearm competency and use as required by state laws.  The course meets all requirements to obtain your CCW permit in the states of Nevada, Utah, Florida, and Arizona, including the Nevada state-mandated 8-hour classroom work and range qualification. 

GUN FUndamentals


Our curriculum is focused towards creating a foundation based on confidence, application, and understanding. The program is simplified and delivered in easy to achieve color driven courses, much in the same manner as martial arts. 

Private Classes and Consulting


If you are looking for training that is more exclusive to you, your family, and or your colleagues, we offer a flexible schedule and a wide-range of  options to create the best curriculum for you and yours exclusively.

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